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Travel Packing Hacks 101

Travel Packing Hacks 101

If you're anything like me, when it comes to packing for your trips you like to pack all of your favourite's and have enough outfit choice's for the rest of your life? No.....? Well I think I can help you anyway. The last thing you will want is to be hit with a fee at the airport for having overweight luggage. :) 

I love my beauty products, hats, shoes, jewels, etc. etc. and I always run out of suitcase space and find myself negotiating on the contents. When it come's to packing my beauty bag it can end up weighing a 3rd of what has been packed. So I have a few really good hacks that help me when packing, and I wanted to share them with you. This means more room for you to buy beautiful artwork, souvenirs or whatever you fancy. So here are 8 tips that you might like, and I will also list out the products that I use; (please note this is by no means sponsored material, these are products that I genuinely like to use. I know some of my followers also prefer organic). 

1. How to actually pack your suitcase? First of all, make a list of "must have" items. If you pick anything you have not worn in the last 6 months - toss it. Chances are you are not going to wear it again, give that thing away to charity.

Roll, don't fold. By rolling, you actually get to make use of every little pocket of space in your suitcase. I am a very visual person so I always pack by outfit - this also helps to eliminate unnecessary items. 

Pack all socks, jewelry and toiletries into shoes and bags that will go inside your suitcase. 

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2. Carry all of your valuables in your carry on, WITH YOU. I recently went to Bali and had approx. 22 kg's of contents in my suitcase. Veli and I arrived in Bali and our suitcases were STILL in Australia due to delays caused by the weather. We didn't get our luggage until 48 hours later. Luckily we had travel insurance (Covermore thank - you so much) to cover us so we could get the immediate necessities. However, once I did receive my suitcase I noticed it was broken into. I hadn't changed the standard Antler security code; someone cracked the code and stole my perfume. I was furious, Chanel ain't cheap! LOL. Luckily it was just that. So please take a carry on. I'd recommend packing just 1 change of clothes relevant to your destination just in case. Also, The last thing you'll want to do is lug around bags, duty free bags etc. when you can just chuck it all in a carry on and wheel it away. 

3. Pack for used clothing and wet swimmers in mind. I keep all of my plastic dry-cleaning bags as they are fantastic for keeping used clothes in your suitcase separate to the clean. A collapsible laundry bag will take up too much space. Also, pack a few plastic bags for muddy shoes or wet swimwear. 

4. If you pack your own towels, go for something a little lighter. I take Turkish towels with me wherever I go. They are great for bathing, spa or even the beach. Usually made of 100% cotton and are a 3rd of the size of a normal towel. 

5. Just because you are going on a trip, whether it be for a few weeks or for a few months, does not mean that you have to do without your preferred products. (Even though I love bringing all the hotel amenities home). Whenever I need to stock up on daily products, if i'm not desperate I will wait until that product comes out with a "free gift with purchase". These gifts usually come as a pack with a number of small free goodies. I like to save these for when I am travelling because they are so compact and handy. Alternatively, you could always ask for samples. 

This one by Lancome came with an eye moisturizer, moisturizing cream, beauty serum, eye make-up remover, Mascara and gift bag. 

6. Sometimes different products can make my skin react and there is nothing worse than that when you are holidaying and hopefully wanting to get a few good snaps in. This is why I do not compromise on my daily facial routine. Check to see if your preferred products come in a travel sized pack. I picked up this one by Grown Alchemist which has certified organic ingredients. I use this daily and it means I can worry less about how my skin is going to look the next day. :)

7. Teeth whitening!! YES - YOU CAN still do this whilst holidaying. Forever I have used those whitening trays with bleach. First of all, I do not have time for this routine on holidays and secondly I no longer use chemically based beauty products. Lo and behold I have found an answer! An awesome vegan organic product called Carbon Coco. It's a 100% Natural Teeth Whitener, naturally polishing, whitening and strengthening the teeth. This product is SO GOOD. 

A few products I like to pack in my beauty bag; Carbon Coco - activated charcoal teeth whitening, Bali Body - plant based & 100% vegan friendly, Grown Alchemist - certified organic.

8. Most of my travel destinations do involve an island, or beach at least. I simply cannot go past the Bali Body products when it comes to "Slip, Slop, Slap". These products are Australian made with natural ingredients and are the perfect travel size. My last bottle went strong for 3 short holidays overseas. Such a beautiful product. 

So I hope this has helped you think about the best way to tackle your suitcase  next time you are travelling. 

And finally I'd like to declare that all of my hotel amenities that I have collected over the years are going to be going to Charity. :)

Let me know if you have any neat travel hacks you'd like to share? Comment in the section below. Feel free to share with your friends. :)


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