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Best Free Presets for Lightroom 2019

Best Free Presets for Lightroom 2019

Whether you’re an aspiring, intermediate or professional full time blogger, there’s one common goal being a top priority, and that is to have the best possible photo’s on our Instagram feeds, stories and/ or blog that reflect our own personal styles. If you have not already noticed, all professional bloggers have a consistent theme, colouring and tone of voice when it comes to their content, and this is exactly what keeps followers engaged with your brand. They will know exactly what to expect from their favorite bloggers which keeps them waiting for more. This is of huge importance, particularly for Instagram Bloggers. The best way to achieve this is with Lightroom Presets which are created and managed from Lightroom CC; a professional photography software that all professional photographers, and Instagram Bloggers are using.

What is a preset?

A preset is a pre-configured adjustment setting that is permanently set and can be re-applied to ANY photo, just like a filter, but better! Sometimes I am asked, what are presets for Instagram? Presets are not specifically meant to be for Instagram alone, however Instagram is the platform where presets have now become increasingly popular. Presets can be applied to any photo, and shared from the Lightroom CC mobile app to most social media platforms. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Most professional photographers have a selection of presets “ready to go” that can be applied to any photo, with just ONE simple touch of a button.

With so many presets now in the market Its hard to know what presets are best for you. You want to separate yourself from other bloggers with beautiful and unique images that people will remember you for.

So, what are the best Lightroom presets?

It’s important for you to think about how you want your Instagram feed or blog to “feel”. Yes, it is a “feeling”, this is going to tell you what the best Lightroom presets are for you. My Instagram friends all have a different feel; some pearly pastel like @luxe_tourista, some crisp white, others vibrant ocean dreaming like @jenlaceda and vintage & grainy like @malamalife.

I have been using Lightroom Presets for about 2 years now. I started off using one of my favourite Instagram blogger’s presets which applied really well to beach and pool shots, they really emphasised the blues and added a cripsy white vibrant feel to them, also enhancing the detail in images. Over time I became really comfortable with making my own adjustments, which turned into making my own presets to give my images their own identity.

If you follow me on Instagram, or are following my blog updates, you will notice that I post mostly about luxury hotels, luxury escapes and beaches (lots of snaps at the beach and hotel pools).

Last year I created summer presets which are vibrant presets that can uplift any photo and create a bright, fun and vibrant feel. I also like to remove shadows in my photo’s too, so the Summer Presets Package is great for removing shadow’s from the face, or other over-shadowed areas in a photo.

I wanted to change my Instagram feed up for 2019 to more of a grainy look, so I spent a few weeks working on the new Grain Presets Package which has a beautiful and diverse selection of grainy colours and tones, which can be describes as; vibrant, bright, dreamy, crisp white, pastel, warm & dreamy, cool & dreamy and subtle & vibrant. Some colours and tones that are drawn out in these presets are blues, aqua’s, oranges, yellows, reds & whites (also great for sunrise/ sunsets). I’m excited to also tell you I created a grainy selfie preset with airbrushing - it looks fabulous!

I am currently giving away free Lightroom presets (Summer Presets Package) with the purchase of the new Grain Presets Package. This includes;

  • 17 Grain presets (+ selfie preset)

  • 17 free summer presets for Lightroom

  • You will also receive a HELP document that shows you how to get started with your Lightroom Presets.

How do I use Lightroom presets?

It is important to note that Mobile presets are managed out of the Lightroom CC mobile app (free), however you will need to download the presets file and upload them to the desktop version first to get started.

Lightroom presets are first uploaded to Lightroom CC and then synced to the Lightroom mobile app. Lightroom CC (desktop) costs approx $15.00 per month (and yes it’s absolutely worth it)! You can not access this desktop software from your mobile.

Mobile presets are managed easily on the go, whereas the desktop versions allow you to be more selective and creative. I edit from my desktop when I am at home and edit from my mobile when I am travelling.

I hope this has helped you in your search to finding the best free presets for Lightroom. Let me know what you think of my presets below in the comments section, and connect with me on Instagram to see how I am putting my presets to use.


Bec Tepe.

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