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How I increased my Frequent Flyer points (in just 10 months)!

How I increased my Frequent Flyer points (in just 10 months)!

Hello, my fellow frequent flyer friends (or trying to be)! :P I recently found myself pondering on how I could increase my frequent flyer points so I can travel more often, after all, don’t we all want to travel on flyer points?!

My husband and I like to travel a few times a year domestically and aim to travel at least once or twice internationally. This also helps to keep our status credits and points in check, paying for a return international flight every year with redeemed points (reward seats). The last trip we booked with points was to Indonesia which used all our points and we were back at 0. I wanted to work hard and smart on building that back up, quickly.  

It’s quite hard to know where all the secrets are so I am going to tell you how I grew my Velocity Frequent Flyer points balance from 0 - 253,491 in 10 months, helping you achieve your travel goals sooner.

And just to note; you should be able to apply most of the following to any air miles/ frequent flyer program.

So, how did I do it?

1.       If you’ve got a partner, family pool them to your account. Alternatively look at your family pooling options. Family pooling means that you are going to accumulate ALL points and status credits for any of the below actions (once family accounts are joined).

2.       Be loyal; the only way to be rewarded and reap the benefits is by staying loyal to the frequent flyer program and partner airlines. When searching flights, look at the airline partners affiliated with the program and only book with them. Not only will you get points, but you will also get status credits boosting your status and rewards (meaning you get closer to airport lounge access, business class seat upgrades, priority boarding, priority baggage, extra checked baggage allowances and many other rewards).

3.       Review partners and offers affiliated with the program. Here are just a few ways I earn points by making every day purchases;

  • BP fuel points

  • Fly Buys rewards via Coles and affiliated stores; every time I do my groceries Coles rewards us with points on any purchase AND status credits when spending a certain amount

  • Private health insurance & pet insurance

  • Shopping online (departments stores, online fashion retailers, electronic retailers, etc).

  • Banking partners & frequent flyer credit cards (you can totally double dip by paying for online purchases with your frequent flyer credit card)

  • Hotel loyalty programs and rewards that are affiliated with frequent flyer programs (YES! hotel loyalty also pays off and another double dipping option here)!

4.       Keep an eye out for promotions! For example, I receive emails from Virgin with 15% bonus points on points transfers from affiliated partners such as Hilton Honors and Accor Hotels. I save up all my hotel points and wait until I get this email, then I transfer.

One Velocity promotion I absolutely loved was their #earnbassador campaign. They created the #earnbassador hashtag to help create awareness of the Velocity Frequent Flyer loyalty program. This campaign is still live, so you can jump on this and create a post on Instagram to earn yourself some points towards reward seats. I posted the below content to my Instagram account and accumulated 10,000 addition points.

#Earnbassador Instagram post

My husband and I now have 253,491 points and looking at where we can fly to next with these points. We’re currently negotiating the Philippines or Turkey (fingers crossed)!

Join the Velocity Frequent Flyer program here.

Where would you go with 253,491 points? I’d love to know :)


Mrs Tepe.

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