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My Stay at Byron Bay, 2018

My Stay at Byron Bay, 2018

This blog has been a few weeks coming (thanks for your patience my friends)! Hubby and I recently had a long weekend away at Byron Bay. If you haven't heard of this amazing town then you really need to get onto this one. And if you're an overseas traveller, you simply can not visit Australia without mapping out this town on your "places to visit" list. We flew in from Melbourne to the Gold Coast airport and then hired a car which was about a 50-minute drive. Byron Bay could quite possibly be the most free-spirited, environmentally conscious place I've ever been to; however not so much so that I would live out of a van for days on end which is quite a popular way to stay when visiting Byron; not quite my style! If you too prefer the hotel and resort experience.........

Here's where to stay!

There are some awesome places in Byron Bay and it does get very busy during school holidays and summer, so if you want some good quality accommodation, you're going to have to plan well in advance. My husband actually chose our accommodation (which is rare) and we stayed at this cute little Airbnb slightly out of town; Waterdragon Studio Apartment a good choice on his part. :) 

This cute little place is located on private property at the rear of the main house, heading towards the hinterland about 5 minutes out of town. There is only 1 apartment which is very spacious and modern and recently had a full reno. I'd definitely say it has a unique chic style. What I really love about this property is that it was made with luxury in mind and I loved the plunge pool and spa. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time we were in Byron so we couldn't really make use of this gorgeous leafy space. The owners were very friendly and attentive and the room well stocked with food; fruit, snacks tea & coffee etc. with the kitchen essentials to prepare and cook meals - it was just perfect. And the same goes for the bathroom, very well stocked with everything I needed. (Have a look towards the end of my blog for the virtual tour). 

In previous searches I have flagged three other hotels that I would rate at the top of my list for next time; two of these are located in my favourite spot, Wategos beach.

1. Rae's on Wategos I'd certainly say it's a Greek-inspired property and very much reminds me of Santorini, just without those stunning cliff top views :P I have also heard that the day spa is really good! 

2. The Watermark At Wategos which again is a stunning hotel with beachy chic vibes. also located directly across from the beach and settles just below the cliff of the famous Cape Byron Lighthouse. This location makes for good early morning walks up to the lighthouse. 

I actually found my dream house at Wategos - it's the beautiful massive white property right on the corner across the road from Rae's on Wategos, I bet you'll agree with me. Anyone else snoop out houses in the area when travelling? (LOL). Here are some snaps of the first day arriving at Wategos Beach, Byron Bay - as I mentioned earlier in my post, the weather was not it's usual sunshine self so these photos do not reflect the true ocean colours on a good sunny day.  

3. of places to stay is Elements of Byron which has its own private beach, spa and luxury villas. So if you're looking for a true luxury private escape, I'd recommend this one. 

What to do? 

Well, firstly there is a lot to do in Byron, EVEN when it's raining!! There are a few really good spa's in Byron Bay and lots of good places to eat too, catering well to those with food allergies and those who just want all-around healthy eating options. In town, there are quirky little restaurants and bars (take a look at Bay Lane) that will certainly keep you entertained if the weather is not looking up. But honestly, if the weather is good you should definitely check out some of the beaches and waterfalls. 

Apart from beautiful Wategos Beach we also went to "The Pass", which is on the way to Wategos beach. It's a very popular spot so if you want to make a day of it, you'll have to get in early to get a park. This is a very popular surfing beach which is totally buzzing! A very cool place to hang for the day, and yes there are surf lifesavers patrolling the beach. I was so happy to get some sunshine during our stay, and especially when we visited The Pass (below), YAY!

Another beautiful beach we came across was Whites Beach which is about a 20 - 30-minute drive from Byron. This beach was so beautiful and private, we were the only ones there. I think this may be one of those special places that only the locals know about and I was fortunate to come across this one on Instagram. 

We also visited Killen Falls which is a big waterfall, great for swimming and about a 40-minute drive from Byron Bay. This is also a nice quiet place to escape and was not too busy when we visited. 

This was my second getaway to Byron Bay and will most likely become one of my favourite escape destinations purely because of the laid-back nature of the town and people. It's also so close to Queensland which is where I usually escape to being where I grew up. 

I genuinely plan on visiting more of Australia, a place I am so lucky to call home. It only just occurred to me through recent networks and conversations that so many people want to visit AU but choose not to because its both too far away and can be expensive (depending on your travel style). It's going to be my mission to show more of this beautiful and diverse country.

I hope you enjoyed the read and if you have any questions please drop me a comment below or shoot me an email. 

I look forward to speaking with you on the socials. :) 

P.s Below is the virtual tour of Waterdragon Airbnb where we stayed - sorry it's not one video, this was downloaded from my Insta stories. 


Mrs Tepe. 

Water Dragon Airbnb Byron Bay 2018

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