Summer Presets Package

Summer Presets Package

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What is a preset?

A preset is a pre-configured adjustment setting that is permanently set and can be re-applied to ANY photo, just like a filter, but better!

Most professional photographers have a selection of presets “ready to go” that can be applied to most photos, with just ONE simple touch of a button.

For example you might use presets to; draw out different shades of blue in the ocean and sky, to draw out colours among leaves in a rain forest (reds, yellows etc). or to emphasise beautiful pink and red colours in a sunrise or sunset.

I love using presets for the pure fact you can pretty much correct any photo you’re doubting. I edit my photos straight from Lightroom CC (desktop & mobile) which is what most professional photographers are using.

Mobile presets are completely free and managed out of the Lightroom CC mobile app, however you will need to download the presets file and upload them to the desktop version first to get started.

Desktop presets are managed from either Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC and costs approx $15.00 per month. You can not access this desktop software from your mobile.

Mobile presets are managed easily on the go, whereas the desktop versions allow you to be more selective and creative. I edit from my desktop when I am at home and edit from my mobile when I am travelling.

The Lightroom software application is cloud based meaning the desktop and app sync together making it very easy to access one photo from either application.

Increase your visibility with clean, sharp and professional looking photos with the Summer Presets Package now FREE, for a short time only!

What do you get?

  • 16 presets ready to install

  • A help document showing you how to install in just 4 simple steps.

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Best, Mrs Tepe. X

Get your presets

A sneak-peak of Mrs Tepe Summer Presets and quick 1 minute tutorial on how to use presets in Lightroom CC mobile, 2018. (Once downloaded).